Lorraine GAY

Lorraine Gay, partner at CABINET NOUVELLES after 19 years of practice, describes her career as a happy series of decisive encounters.

She began her career with Thierry Lévy’s firm, a school of rigor where she became familiar with press law (defamation, insult, infringement of the presumption of innocence, privacy and right to one’s own image), and also worked on intellectual property (autor’s right and trademark law) and criminal law.

She then worked with Henri Leclerc for seven years and specialized in press and publishing law, defending newspapers and publishers before all courts, including the European Court of Human Rights. Throughout these years, she also continued to be involved on a daily basis in intellectual property, general criminal law and business criminal law cases.

Finally, for twelve years, including six years as a partner, she practiced with Richard Malka, working on cases involving the written press, publishing and audiovisual production. Lorraine Gay also had the opportunity to manage cyber harassment and online hate proceedings. Lorraine Gay also had the opportunity to manage cyber harassment and online hate proceedings. These twelve years have enabled her to develop, in addition to a litigation activity leading her to plead regularly, an advisory activity for individuals, authors, artists, publishers, journalists or production companies to help them in the drafting and analysis of their contracts, in the conception and production of subjects, articles, books or films and documentaries, in order to avoid any subsequent litigation.

Lorraine Gay sees her work with her clients as a true accompaniment and makes availability, humanity and rigor the essential tools for the accomplishment of her mission, which she carries out with a constant concern for exchange.

Lorraine Gay holds a DESS in Industrial Property from the University of Paris II Panthéon Assas (DESS thesis on digital watermarking).

She took her oath on 4 February 2002.

She is Vice-President of the Association of Press Lawyers.

Publications :

  • « La liberté d’information à l’épreuve du secret défense » Légipresse n° 372, juillet 2019
  • « Valeurs actuelles débouté de son action contre le Conseil de déontologie journalistiques : une victoire sans éclat » Légipresse n° 394, juillet 2021