Emilie SUDRE

Defending, protecting, advising, assisting, negotiating… beyond the classic skills expected of a lawyer, Emilie Sudre brings to her clients her energy, determination, attentive listening and real empathy, values she considers fundamental.

After 16 years working alongside Christophe Bigot, including 5 years as a partner, she mainly practices in litigation and has defended the largest French press and publishing groups, which has enabled her to acquire solid experience before the courts, as well as to advise clients on pre-litigation and conflict prevention.

The protection of personality rights and their articulation with the right to public information are at the heart of his activity and cover several aspects:

  • Preventing infringements of personality rights with the media and production companies in order to avoid legal action against individuals whose privacy is violated or whose image is exposed without authorization or without legitimate reason;
  • Protection of interests in matters of infringement of personality rights (privacy, image, presumption of innocence): she accompanies clients both in the process of notification of illicit content and in the context of civil or criminal proceedings, both as plaintiff and defendant;
  • Assisting production companies, artists and models in the drafting and negotiation of image transfer and exploitation contracts, which are essential in the world of advertising, publishing and audiovisual.

She also has a perfect knowledge of the law on the press of 29 July 1881, and assists the firm’s clients in litigation relating to defamation and insult, as well as in the drafting and forced insertion of rights of reply (press, radio, television, internet).

Emilie Sudre also advises authors and producers on the negotiation of specific contracts relating to copyright and related rights.

Emilie Sudre holds a postgraduate degree in audiovisual communication law and a doctorate in law. She was awarded the Albert Viala Prize in 2006 for her thesis on “The protection of privacy and the image of the person in the light of the right to public information”.

Member of the Paris Bar since 2007.

Member of the Association des “Praticiens du Droit de la Presse”.

Registered at the Paris Bar as an agent for artists and authors.


  • « Le journalisme d’infiltration et le droit » (co-écrit avec Me Christophe Bigot, revue Legipresse n°351, juillet/ août 2017)
  • « La Cour de cassation limite l’application du principe de primauté de la loi du 29 juillet 1881 » (revue Legipresse n° 387)