Related rights - image rights - models and performers

  • Contracts for the cession of image rights
  • Protection of performers’ rights
  • Representation mandates
  • Rights and obligations of influencers

Image rights assignment contracts
The office assists production companies and models in drafting and negotiating contracts for the transfer and use of images of individuals, depending on the type of use and media envisaged (advertising, fiction, documentary).

Protection of performers
The office represents actors, singers and musicians in the drafting of their employment contracts and assignment of rights relating to the recording, fixation, reproduction and communication to the public of their performances as performers. He also assists them in their legal actions concerning the respect of their economic and moral rights as well as contractual breaches.

Émilie Sudre is an agent for artists and authors.

Rights and obligations of influencers
The office advises its clients on the legal obligations of influencers and has expertise in their particular social status.